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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Atheism is the belief that there is no evidence of God (and there will never be evidence of his existence), thus he does not exist.

Atheism is a logical stance on the subject of the existence of God. Atheists, because of a lack of concrete and scientifically verifiable evidence, hold to the conclusion that God does not exist.
What you're looking for is Agnosticism not atheism.
If you don't reject the notion that a god or gods may possibly exist, you are not an atheist but fall into weak agnosticism or strong agnosticism.

Maybe you even fall into atheistic agnosticism.

If you did your research you would know that there's different types of atheisms. Atheistic people don't necessarily agree with each other meaning they hold different beliefs and is not at all a 100% logical thought.

Belief is inherently outside the realm of logic. If you reach a conclusion via true premises and logically sound reasoning, it is not a belief.
this argument is severly flawed, a lot of laws and accepted norms of society are entirely based on a beliefs yet remain logical.

For example your sense of right or wrong aren't inherent to the human being. You aren't born with these notions however your moral beliefs are logical to you.

Concepts like equality and freedom, Justice, etc.. are all based on beliefs there is no scientific evidence that freedom or equality is right (throughout history the strongest nations used slave work as recent as the US and now China).

Most of our moral conduct is based on what we believe to be right, for example Monogamy.

I can keep going on and on about this, but believing in something is not synonymous with illogical thought.

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