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Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Apacolypz Fan fic continued from my OP

Shattered Dreams II

Scene switches back with Hashirama and Madara...
Hashirama has stabbed Madara in his gut with a wooden sickle.

Hashirama-Hikari no Motarasu (Bringer of Light) Madara I am blessed to have met and befriended you all those years ago..Due to our friendship I was forged to become Hokage of the Village we built. I know what causes you pain and it saddens me that my own blood had a part to play in your misery. Hashirama-Tengoku no seikatsu haisui (Heavenly life drain) Hashi's arm that has extended his wooden sickle starts to glow white.

Madara- I never thought in a million years you would use such ninjutsu on me Hashirama. Funny, I was going to do the same to you through my will. The black rod falls to the ground alongside Madara's war fan.

Hashirama- Your intentions were clear the moment you spoke about replacing your accomplice. I have no choice in the matter...I need your help in order to save this reality.

Madara's attire starts to fall apart, as his edo form begins to break down. The face of the dormant Hashirama clone is visible on his chest. We see the clone's face break down and is consumed into the sickle.

Madara-Even with your power I underestimated your resolve....I always thought you were too weak. Looks like time has proved me to be the fool. Madara looks into Hashi's face and he notices tears being shed. (Madara grins) Madara-Promise me Hashirama, promise me you will eradicate this unending cycle!

Hashirama-I promise my friend! I will help these youngsters change the course of our history...they will shape a brilliant future! Until we meet in the afterlife...farewell my brother! Madara (thinking) (Brothers..even to the end huh?)

Hashirama-OWARI! (End!) Hashirama falls to his knees....(thinking) (I don't have long....I have to transfer this power to the next generation.)
The panel looks closely at the ash body of Madara as it falls to the ground with his empty eye sockets being the last to be seen of him.

Scene switch-----------

Tobirama notices an ominous feeling coming from his brothers location. Tobirama-Brother!
Minato-What is going on with the Shodai?
Tobirama lowers his head...Tobirama-He will be here soon, he will tell you himself. Suddenly both Hashirama and his clone arrive beside the group. Tobirama- You did well brother! (smirking)

Hashirama-Guys I wish I could help you out till the end but this is as far as I go. (Everyone looks shocked except Tobirama.) Minato-First your chakra is incredibly unstable! (His chakra network could go off any moment!) Hashirama-Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto...I guess it's fair to call you my family since we all come from the same source. Hold out your palms so I can read your future. (He grabs hold to both of their hands using his clone for Sasuke.) Hashirama-My hopes and dreams lie within your hands.
Naruto/Sasuke)-!!!!!!!!! Tcht!
Hashirama- Tobirama I will see you on the other side. (Grabbing his brothers shoulder Hashirama smiles big.) Finally i'll be able to join Mito in the afterlife....(He fades into dust throwing his thumb up.)

(Smiling) Minato-So that was the God of all Shinobi!
Tobirama-My brother has gifted you two with his last bit of life essence. He was able to join with Madara by use of Tengoku no seikatsu haisui. He consumed Madara's life force through his senjutsu. Madara probably didn't realize that too much natural energy can solidify a person but also the opposite can occur. With this new two will be able to achieve great things.

Naruto-Wow I feel unlike I ever did before...I feel unstoppable!
Sasuke-With his power i'll be able to perfect that technique!

Hurizen-Come on lads, we don't have all day! Obito won't sit idly by while we do what we li-------
(slash!!) (Obito has cut Hurizen in half using an extended black blade made from his nullifying jutsu.)

Obito-So you still want to fight?....Even though this entire dance has been pointless....I will give all your deaths.................................. ....MEANING! He lunges toward Minato but is caught by Naruto's chakra arm.

Obito-This pressure?? HOW?!
Naruto- Good bye old man Hokage....( with a calm composure)
(Naruto turns Obito around, they are face to face.)
Naruto- I will make you regret every life you have taken from us today! Starting with Grandpa!
Naruto punches Obito dead in the face knocking him back hundreds of yards on his ass!
Sasuke-Let's go Naruto! (smirking)

They both head out into the battlefield while the moon lingers on in silence.


Hikari no Motarasu-Using Natural Energy...allows the user to force and manipulate ones chakra network. One is able to suppress or boost another's chakra. If too much Natural Energy is distributed the body will solidify or break down.

Tengoku no seikatsu haisui -a combination jutsu with Hikari no Motarasu. Allows the user to absorb his foes complete chakra network and life essence. This is a forbidden jutsu as the user is at risk of overwhelming his network to a volatile state. Not only that the foe will die from not having any chakra at all.

For all those I guess who find it hard to understand this fan fic.... a little color may help

Yellow=occurrances within the panel/ Action

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