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Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Thanks for pointing that out. So FTG, Curse Mark and Bijuu transformation all have v2 which is CLEARLY stated unlike raiton armour which has no mention of v2. @apacolypz, so v2 FTG is basically using a moving kunai instead of being at a fixed location?
That is my guess...he is jumping from kunai to kunai to change his direction. Now if I were to guess what FTG3 would be...I would leave a clone in the seal (like Naruto did with Sasuke against Zabuza) and instead of jumping to kunai to kunai I would simply catch my enemy off guard since he is assuming the next jump but instead come out attacking from the blade. It's something your enemy wouldn't predict. Instead of using the kunai to change directions and for speed I would easily use it so I wouldn't personally have to teleport and attack.
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