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Re: Bleach 549

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Beyond that Quincies have the Super Hax within the Soul Society, they draw reiatsu from the air like Uyruu, and they've been in the shadows since forever and supposedly have seen everything.... that being the case Hits shouldn't have surprised the Fodder, or Soi Fong as well. The only known Capt within the Soul Society that should be surprising should be Mayuri. Unless Hits left the SS to train, and Soi Fong, and we all know Foxy Capt, left to train with his Grandpa Fox. Kenpachi was training in a secret place with Unohana I believe, and the others above the SS getting healed and trained should be a surprise as well. I assumed that Hits and Soi Fong never left.

Btw, its great something bad happened to that Fat Assed Sack of Bulldung, he's been running around like a clown since the manga started, he deserved to be taxed for being Fodder, and for so long, without a drip, drop, drip of improvement EVER.

Shouldn't their power be like insanely crazy since they have been absorbing/storing up power for the last 1000 years??? ON top of that when the bount (only anime) were shown within SS their powers increased to crazy levels compared to before. Uuryu was damn near captain level (first time lol) immediately fighting Mayuri. I personally am expecting a clean up job...Steirnritters should have no problem wiping the floor...again with SS. Like you said they can't compete. They heal and grow stronger sucking up the reishi around them. It's kind of like in Feng with the Great God protecting the fodder gods with his divine protection. The longer it's drawn out the weaker SR's foes will become. Since this is the last arc...I am disappointed that people like Omeda are still alive and kicking....Like you said development. I want to hear bankai from every possible Shinigami.....this is it...don't bs the readers....
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