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Re: The new Superman and Batman movie

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Only two actors to ruin a comic book character?


Ryan Reynolds, Anna Paquin, those two douche boys who fought over her, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Uma Therman, Arnold Swarzenegger, everyone who's played Robin after Dick Grayson, everyone in the Fantastic Four, Topher Grace/James Franco/Tobey Macquire in Spiderman-3, Jennifer Garner (worse than Affleck)... surely I'm missing someone... hell, for as well as he's done, Hugh Jackman's turn as Wolverine has had some cringe-worthy moments, particularly in the all around bad Last Stand and Origins (my personal beef is they completely out hero-complexed, at the expense of Cyclops, him rather than maintaining his loner, surly side).

Superhero movies are full of competent actors who do terrible jobs, either on their own part or those of the movie makers. I don't even think we can completely blame Affleck for Daredevil - it was ill-conceived in its entirety.
Quite right about Daredevil. But my beef with Aflac in general for any super-hero movie... he just doesn't have the voice for it. Let's be brutally honest, animation allows for more heroic feats and outlandish events. But the one "human" aspect is the voice actor. Hamill does a perfect job as Joker, but to see the man as Joker, we would all probably laugh. Jeff Blum, and the numerous characters he has voiced...

I'm not a fan of Alfac, but that's my opinion. But I'm sure many will agree, his voice isn't "heroic" like a Blum or Conway.
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