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Re: Naruto_647

Well Madara never used tsukyomi on Ay, it was a sharingan genjutsu. Maybe your confusion stems from the fact that Madara had his EMS activated when he placed him in a genjutsu. We don't know if Madara even has tsukyomi or ama, nor are they are scans of him using it.

In the first scan Madara doesn't say tsukyomi or genjutsu. The second, Sasuke says 'sharingan genjutsu'. Both are using genjutsu with their EMS activated, and Sasuke is the only CONFIRMED tsukyomi user of the two. So logically, 2 things are at play here. 1. An EMS user with his EMS activated, can cast a genjutsu. 2. Sasuke the one with tsukyomi didn't use it on the Zetsu clone, though he had his EMS activated.

Lol at the continued denial that Ay has 'gears' or 'levels' or 'version', whatever you wanna call it, in his speed and reflexes. I mean this is just mind boggling. So you guys dismiss what the scenes and characters are saying, lol even with the nigga Ay 'charging up' to the max, chakra levels increasing and shit. And all this because Ay don't say 'Darui, stand back, I am going into raiton armour version 2'. Lmao, and unless he says it exactly like that, you lot won't accept it.

Incredible speed is a weakness of the sharingan as well as the mastery of the user. We have Kakashi and Sasuke's sharingan failing to keep up with Itachi's movements and handseals. Kakashi unable to count how many hits Kakuzu took from RFS, because of the speed. Sasuke couldn't follow v2 Ay's movement, but Madara could counter Ay at that speed.

So imo its clear that extreme speed is an obvious achilles heel to the sharingan HOWEVER depending on the mastery of the user, that weakness can be lessened or countered.
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