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Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
First of all I didn't know you were doing it on a phone. That is some what admirable though I find doing it from the interface of a phone can be somewhat limiting. That's why I use program such as Microsoft word for doing some of my writing. It gives me all the benefits of editing and other tools though it also some times screws up a little when copied over to here but that's manageable.
My phone is not limited my time is. I manage a hotel so my phone usually is my office when I am walking around the property or doing errands.

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
First of all I singled you out cause your prediction was the largest with the most glaring of issues. While I admit jekyl_hyde was also a little guilty; your posts were particularly large with more issues of it. I singled you out but it was more to give advice and example to others as well as you. If I must single someone out again I would say its TSO but for doing a very clean and nicely written prediction.
I type fast and have a great deal of ideas. I can easily write pages of material in a short time. I agree that my posts usually are large in volume. They can easily be seen as a wall of text. I actually write books and shorts in my spare time. I try to space them out and could of performed a better job in doing so. I'll also admit that I can space out the action from the dialogue. Though I am not here to copy your style and or format. I wrote this as a fan fic not prediction as Kishi would never go this route. My main focus is creating a story that makes sense but also follows the tone of the actual author. I appreciate feedback and criticism though a bit rude to call someone out. People got really offended by members criticizing their work last year. I mostly ceased writing on this site due to the
predictions being damn near dead. Anyhoo

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
I know its not your first but part of doing great predictions is evolving your craft and skills in predictions. It always improves your work in little ways whether it be setting a scene, inspiring people with interesting dialogue, or coming up with an idea that is so out of left field that no one else thinks of it till much later. These little things help to create great predictions. Speaking of that last part here is a little thing that has been drastically overlooked. There is one person in the group that is capable of eliminating the tree without using any physical attacks on the tree. When you figure out who that is you will be one step closer to what I have predicted.
Being that majority of my thanks came from my predictions I certainly feel I have evolved my craft. As I mentioned this was my first prediction in a year. I had already written the first two posts. I was pumped to write more for these guys and I did so. All the things you've mentioned above are certainly things I can and have captured within my writings. So I am unsure if it relates to spacing and quotations. Also I am not attempting whatsoever to write a prediction/fanfic close to what you or any others members predict.
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