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Re: Naruto_647

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Yea, I am too dumb to ONLY see something you do... Delusional much!
WTF? What does it even mean for you to be "too dumb to ONLY see something I do"? English.....learn it.

I clearly posted pics, including descriptions, analysis and clear comparisons between the two. If you can't comprehend then yeah, you are dumb.

Incorrect, goku, trunks and vegeta never got it right, remember... They got the power, but not the speed like Gohan did, thus they never actually reached the new level of ascended Super saiyan, just almost did... You have to have the power and SPEED to reach An ascended super saiyan a.k.a SSJ2.... You damn well know that, the bias in you have has altered your own memory of something you know so well... how patheitc!
Once again, you are wrong. Ascended super saiyan DOES NOT mean super saiyan level 2. Go back and read my previous description. Ascended super saiyan is a sub-stage of super saiyan 1. You know what? I'm not going to get anywhere trying to get you to read and use reading comprehension, so lets just skip to visual aid shall we.

Ascended Super Saiyan, AKA super saiyan 1 stage 2. Slightly larger muscle mass without any significant loss of speed.

Ultra Super Saiyan, AKA Super saiyan 1 stage 3. Even larger muscles but with a noticeable loss of speed.

Full power super saiyan. Basic super saiyan stage 1 pushed as far as it can go physically, with complete emotional control as well, which makes it even more powerful. Better then ascended Super Saiyan all around, but not quite the extreme power level of ultra super saiyan.

There you have it KYF. 3 different sub-stages of Super Saiyan 1, that while somewhat different, are NOT completely different stages over all like the Super Saiyan 2, and 3 forms that follow.

Lol, you have no idea how much I know about DB and DBZ...
Not much apparently.

To the Point I even know the more accurate power levels... Not that shit the fan sites and magazines tries to explain...

Example: SSJ1 goku against freiza was like already above 10 million power level says the fan sites and magazines... LMAO... When goku was never actually above 2 million once SSJ1 against freiza...
Technically the highest stated power level during the frieza sage was frieza's second form which was merely stated to be "over a million", which was about double the strength of his first form that was stated to be exactly 530,000.

Considering Piccolo was doing fairly well against frieza's 2nd form but was completely owned by his 3rd form we can assume the latter was a significant increase. Now I'm going to use some very (read=extremely) modest figures here. Some fan sites say the 3rd form double in power again, which put it around 2 million, but that's pure speculation if it really got that high. At the very least it was far greater, then the "over 1 million" power level stated for his 2nd form. Add to this when he transforms into his 4th form he gets even more powerful, which you would have to be a damn fool to think isn't at least 2 million, if not more. Then after fighting a little while frieza explicitly states he's only been using 50% of his real power. Therefore his 100% power would be no less that 4 million, at the bare fucking minimum. Then Goku as a Super Saiyan was even more powerful then him.

So how do you get the notion that Goku was never over 2 million. LOL, he was probably well over that level just using the Kaiokenx20, much less super saiyan.

Yea, argue DBZ with me... good fucking luck!
When you know what the fuck you're talking about, you don't need luck. Just sit down and shut the fuck up.

You damn well know that, the bias in you have has altered your own memory of something you know so well... how patheitc
I just had to touch on this. First of all I enjoy the irony of you calling me pathetic and actually misspelling the word itself. CLASSIC. The only thing pathetic here is your grammar as usual.

Secondly, my memory is superb, thank you very much. It's both a blessing and a curse and times, as I can even recall 90% of the arguments (that I actually read) made here over the years, right off the top of my head. Including yours. :[

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