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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
A simple yes or know answer will suffice to this question to our resident non believers in any God/gods whatsoever. please quote my post and then supply your answer

** regardless of proof to back it up( for our non physic majors) do you believe or is it withing your scope of knowledge to say that humans can influence reality by thought alone as to what I mean this video conveys the general idea **

To further clarify as Num stated earlier as well as myself in different words " make sure we're on the same page" then would a collective thought cause a certain "harmonic resonance" to influence human action... can we create our own Gods as many claim we already have.

That "spirit" of comfort and positive events in my life even through the bad... being able to endure.. to learn to grow to experience joy , understanding, contentment, these are "gifts from god" is Belief enough for a mass of mental energy to affect billions of people. whether you're Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist the core of most of those these religions is a harmony a lot of "southern Christians take it like this. I think therefore I am, I am because I have survived. when faced with an obstacle I could not see my own strength and I doubted about the outcome.. but I am still here. If it were for me ( the individual) and my power I wouldn't have made it. so there must be some force greater than myself that made it possible.

I love this song because the emotion and energy of it conveys my thoughts on God and spirituality and what it truly means to have faith ( the definition) and the song

If no-one makes a post after this I'll edit later for a commentary on the debate above itself.

One thing I find interesting about the above is the so called semantics.. especially on a forum originated with Naruto content... Why Naruto.... because he said "BELIEVE IT" you all knew when he said it that he ment that whatever the fuck he just said. You could know it to be true so belief and knowledge are intertwined.. not interchangeable but intertwined
Know, or as I like to say, no.
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