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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

1) It's a courtesy, as well as visually appealing. Also, it doesn't misconstrue to others who may want to join the topic of discussion.
2) I have no idea what your level of education is, but I've come to the realization (after it was pointed out to my by an accounting professor of all people in an auditing class) that one's beliefs tend to point to a person's views on any and every subject/topic. Following the money trail (a person's views) will often lead you to what that person believes about in regards to God (or gods), the afterlife, and the human soul. Most people that I know that are self-proclaimed atheists tend to believe that morals and/or ethics are hard-wired, because by their philosophy, there wasn't anyone to teach man how to behave. Meanwhile, those that believe in God (or gods) believe as you state, because there was someone to teach those morals/ethics.

In reference to AMA, my take would be this... what you are referring to about children, especially those at the toddler stage... those children have not developed what we all now know as a filter. Many put on a facade, filtering their true intentions to one another.
That being said, I'm of the personal belief that children are born with "sin", but are almost blank slates. Love, as well as hate, are taught. They learn from the examples set forth hopefully by their mother and father (and hopefully this is of what one would consider good morals). There's a reason why children of... villainous parents tend to follow in their footsteps (and for those of you nitpicking, I'm being vaguely general here). That doesn't mean that children of... wholesome parents turn out to be wholesome, or that the aforementioned kids can't turn from that path. But every person I know that was in the situation of having... not good parents, the ones that turned out for the better, had someone in their life that intervened and provided a good example.
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