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Re: Naruto_647

LOL, KYF. You are such a moron in just about every way. The sheer hilarity of the things you claim are simply astounding. I even gave you a video of Vegeta going Ascended SS, and you claim it's Ultra SS instead. Despite the fact that when Trunks later goes Ultra SS and realizes he's not fast enough to even touch cell, it's said that was the reason Vegeta never tried to go into that form. Thus definite proof that Ascended SS and Ultra SS are 2 different things.

To top it off you dismiss the fact that Full Power SS isn't even a thing when it is clearly a more powerful form then what Vegeta was able to produce at that time, by his own admission.

Also your argument that the Super Saiyan Aura doesn't mean a thing is purely retarded. The aura itself is a clear indication of how much of their power they are releasing at that moment. If the aura is faint then they are basically goofing around and playing with their opponent, which is exactly what vegeta was doing in that first picture I posted by casually dodging Android 19's attacks to make a fool out of him. If the aura is larger and fiercer looking, then it means they are powering up to full and about to get serious which was what Vegeta was doing in that 2nd picture, AND what every SS has done right before unleashing a large Ki blast of some kind.

Get your shit straight kid.

Edit: Nice try trying to change the subject of of raikage by the way. Didn't work, but what ever. I'll say this one more time for your hard headed self to understand. The difference in aura that saiyans release when they are half ass trying vs when they are dead fucking serious, is exactly the same principle as what Raikage does with his lighting cloak. They aren't Version 2 or whatever the fuck you want to call it. They are exactly the same shit.

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