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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
+1 for hope in humanity. Too bad for the -1 because MrBig is pretty much recycling his bullshit without even bothering to acknowledge what I say. I ask questions, he evades them like a Cactuar; he believes his link demonstrated that negative claims have the burden of proof when it simply said they could be proved which is entirely different and that somehow negative claims aren't claims of ignorance; he really doesn't understand the difference between agency and existence and how morals have nothing to do with the latter; more bafflingly, he doesn't seem to know that two schools of thought can complement each other for a more proper point of view and, the cherry on top of the moronic cake, he thinks he's explaining what atheism and agnosticism are to an agnostic atheist.
Hilarious, I tell ya.

Failure to understand that Evolutionary Morality is at odds with cultural and social moral development.

Failure to understand that burden of proof relies not on positive nor negative claims but on the person that makes a claim.

Failure to understand basic grammatical syntax and the difference between a negative and positive claim and how in no way does a negative claim automagically become one of ignorance.

Failure to understand that morals and religion are intertwined and one in the same for many of the religious.

Failure to understand that in a discussion of God, religion is highly relevant.

Failure to understand that one must support their argumentative points with evidence.

Failure to understand that just because one identifies with a school thought does not make him or her an expert on the field.

This is what I had to deal with.

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