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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
I'll be blatantly honest with you... Christianity is not for everyone. But let me ask you this, do you believe that children are born "perfect"? Because if so, then that would mean at some point in that child's life, that child would fall from grace, for a lack of better terms. Because I'm sure we'll all agree, no one on this world is perfect. So if a child is not born "perfect" then that child does have sin.

I'm not a universalist (Unitarian) Christian, one that thinks everyone will end up in Heaven. I believe that all of mankind was born in sin (Gen. 3) and was born with a free will. You choose to deny his existance (and in turn rules), while I accept them and try to live by them the best I can. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, because I fall everyday and try to repent as best as possible. But I am saying that you, and I, are sinners, and have been so since the day we were born. As I stated before, the only difference between us, I choose to accept said terms while you do not.
The problem is "sin" (aka evil) isn't the opposite of perfection. The opposite of sin would be righteousness (aka good), while the opposite of perfection would be imperfection. I don't think the 2 set of terms are mutually exclusive, but I do find the idea of perfection to be rather impossible and/or unattainable. Therefore the only real combinations are someone being an imperfect sinner or a imperfect righteous guy, or some shade of gray in between.

Personally, I'm pretty much apathetic towards all religions in general, but do find some of the lore and characters behind them rather interesting from a "fictional" standpoint. I have no problem with most religious doctrines (like the 10 commandments), because I see them purely as constructs of man simply stamped with Gods name to make it seem legitimate, and to keep order. It's boils down to a chicken or the egg argument, with laws made by men being the egg, and God(s) being creating later and credited as the almighty chicken that laid them.

I've always said that if you take the concept of god out of the bible, then it basically turns into something like Aesop's Fables, or Poor Richards Almanac. A book full of interesting stories and ideas that teaches how good morals and actions are beneficial to oneself, rather than the purpose of avoiding the enmity of some big douche in the sky.

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