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Re: Magi 198

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Haku turned Sasuke huh ? Hopefully it won't be as retarded.

Titus being reborn is a bit of a cop out, and why does the story need to keep 4 magi around ?

The part with the prince taking Aladdin was funny.
I am unsure if having 4 magi throws off the balance...since Judal is a black ruhk user he has become dark. While the other magi are light. Odd that Lady Sch was the oldest when it seems Yunan is the oldest. I think that is what this chapter meant by Solomon keeping him around and youthful. Yeah Kouen taking Aladdin was funny but Aladdin needs to grow a pair. Kouen didn't keep his word but expects Aladdin to keep his which he does. Also since Judal sucked up the mediums dark ruhk, wondering how the Al Torma Magi (mother /wife) of Kou will be able to use it. I hate to see Haku turn emo but apparently the yellow brick road is a road less traveled in his view. He used to despise the idea of relying on Judal..but it seems they have become the new Tag team duo.
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