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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Numinous
Existential nihilist here, just because life is meaningless doesn't mean it's pointless. How about living an happy, fulfilling life and making yourself its meaning? I find that more fulfilling than to aimlessly search for the meaning of life.
Forgive me for laughing at this notion coming from one of the self-proclaimed socialists on this forum. Not everyone can live a happy, fulfilling life. Hell, there have been people that have experienced what kael has, lost loved ones, and curse a God that they choose to deny. Kudos to kael for making the most of life (seriously), but unfortunately, that can't be said for the majority of people. Whether they're born in situations, place themselves in situations, or wrong place and time... bad things happen. I personally have seen men, who said they lead fulfilling lives, and once they buried a loved one, forsook all. It's easy to say lead a happy, fulfilling life, and then some time later bury your children.

Yeah, I knowa man that has experienced a very similar circumstance that kael has, and his only hope in this life is that he will get to hold his wife and child in the next life.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Well, fuck you too. I never stated that we all live sad, pathetic lives. In fact, regardless of my accident I'm happy with life. I have a beautiful girlfriend I live with. I have a good paying job. I'm working on going to school for something I've been interested in for the past 20+ years. I don't believe that this life is pointless. I just don't fall prey to a system that automatically punishes you for being born, and expects you to kiss the ass of some imaginary person for something no one even knows exists.
Keep things in context. Your life, estimated at what 70-75 years right now (average life span for a male), is a mere grain of sand on a beach using the time-frame that common science has accepted for the life of the planet we live on.... isn't it at billions of years now? Yeah, no matter what you (or I) accomplish in this life, it is small (at best), sad and pathetic to think this is it?

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