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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
Guns jam all the time. It has everything to do with the maintenance and condition of the gun, not miracles. Now if you said that you were shot in the face, that would be more reason to have faith, in my personal opinion. However, people get shot in the face and live too, and that's not a miracle neither. I get that your personal experiences have influenced you, but I'm sure nothing that has happened to you has not happened to others who also survived.

My point is, logically speaking, there is no reason to believe that God protected you or anyone else from something from which dictators and serial killers and other immoral people are sometimes protected as well. If you said that you had your head chopped off and then replaced and was alive, I would say it was a miracle and that God did it. Anything less than that is just chance, probability, likelihood, luck, and all that other good stuff.
Ok, let some mugger try to jump you, and in the tussle, pull a gun and have the edge of the barrel hit the bridge of your nose right between your eyes. Regardless of who you are and what you believe, all kinds of stuff go through your brain. And when the trigger is pulled, and your life flashes before your eyes, only for you to come to the realization that the bullet never fired, and the safety was off, do you honestly think you're gonna go, hey idiot, you should have maintained your gun more properly?! Get real man.

I have personally experienced two supernatural events that cannot be explained logically. I swear that a spirit is the only explanation, yet I still do not believe that any God was behind it or related to it in any way. I just list it under the unexplainable.

I once knew a guy who was driving a car and hit a deer. The car was totaled, and the doctor said that it was a miracle that he was alive. This guy was not even seriously injured, and surviving this car accident assured him that there was a God and that God saved him, as if good and bad men and women do not hit deer and survive car accidents all the time. Shit happens sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.
I never said that "bad" things don't happen to "good" people. What I did say/imply is that people are wronged, and in this life, rarely does justice happen. But I do believe that justice does/will occur, if it hasn't already been so. That because I believe in the soul of a human being. Once this body dies, something happens to the soul. That's why in Christianity there is the old saying, "Will you be born once and die twice, or born twice and die once?"
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