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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Ok, let some mugger try to jump you, and in the tussle, pull a gun and have the edge of the barrel hit the bridge of your nose right between your eyes. Regardless of who you are and what you believe, all kinds of stuff go through your brain. And when the trigger is pulled, and your life flashes before your eyes, only for you to come to the realization that the bullet never fired, and the safety was off, do you honestly think you're gonna go, hey idiot, you should have maintained your gun more properly?! Get real man.
No, I honestly don't think that I would say that, and I never implied that you should have told the gunman to maintain his gun more properly.

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
I never said that "bad" things don't happen to "good" people. What I did say/imply is that people are wronged, and in this life, rarely does justice happen. But I do believe that justice does/will occur, if it hasn't already been so. That because I believe in the soul of a human being. Once this body dies, something happens to the soul. That's why in Christianity there is the old saying, "Will you be born once and die twice, or born twice and die once?"
My point in mentioning that bad things happen to good people was to say that it would be foolish to say that God protected one person from something from which an immoral person is also protected. If God did not protect that immoral person, why could he have not protected that moral person as well? Shit happens, is my point, without God having to do anything.

And the fact that justice doesn't happen often enough should be proof enough that God is not dishing out punishments, nor is karma. God, karma, and everything else related are just pretty words and ideas that make people feel good about life in general. There's enough evidence in the world to show that praying doesn't determine nor influence whether good or bad things happen to people, and people suffer indiscriminately. The conclusion, based on what the bible says: no God. We are born once and die once.
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