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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
No, I honestly don't think that I would say that, and I never implied that you should have told the gunman to maintain his gun more properly.
Your implication was that the gun jamming was a coincidence. I've known several people that have been shot at, and every time the bullet missed (or hit, but wasn't a fatal hit) did not think it a coincidence.

My point in mentioning that bad things happen to good people was to say that it would be foolish to say that God protected one person from something from which an immoral person is also protected. If God did not protect that immoral person, why could he have not protected that moral person as well? Shit happens, is my point, without God having to do anything.

And the fact that justice doesn't happen often enough should be proof enough that God is not dishing out punishments, nor is karma. God, karma, and everything else related are just pretty words and ideas that make people feel good about life in general. There's enough evidence in the world to show that praying doesn't determine nor influence whether good or bad things happen to people, and people suffer indiscriminately. The conclusion, based on what the bible says: no God. We are born once and die once.
I find it funny that you stated the conclusion, based on what the Bible says: no God, laughable and showing of your ignorance. I don't claim to know in details the belief of other religions, other than what I do know, have read myself, or have had explained to me by believers of those faiths. Do not claim to have read the Bible, and then say that there is conclusive evidence that because bad things happen to people (both good and bad), there is no God. You want to draw that conclusion from your own derivations, that's fine. But to say that the actual doctrine of a religion poses no foundation for that belief system is asinine and stupid at best. And I'm not talking about self-made religions. I'm talking about those that have stood the test of time (so to speak): Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, hell even Marxism (going the politically religious route), all have doctrines that do not contradict the foundation of God(s) or the belief system they establish.

The reason Num hasn't brought up the justice part with me, is because he and I have had this discussion before, and he knows my viewpoint about it (unless he's forgotten it), and that is justice does happen. If it does not happen in this lifetime, it will in the next. There's a single book that does a pretty good job of summing this up for believers, the book of Revelation.

Holy giggles Batman... MrBig is spot on about the concept of free will.

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