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Re: Feng_Shen_Ji_Chapter_65

It's not even switch tactic....they are literally at the point of crumbling their defenses. Their scrambling to strengthen their front lines. Which is why Mr. Flower Petal is about to fight Grand Marshall. My only issue is he must win..I would hate to see the GM fall before he killed the Great Elder God. Flower Petal can def be going after Uncle Zi. Since I remembered Ah Gou will have to fight the Great Sage God of the Underworld Affiliation to keep his legs and feet. Yeah Wu Shianxg or whatever wolf Dark ones General died on his feet like he died a real G. The whole kicking heads thing was type cheesy but it gave a strong message. Even if he rescues his grandpa how the fuck is dude gonna live from that? Just say your goodbyes and let him be.
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