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Re: Naruto_647

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
1). You are actually inferring there is no difference between a rasengan and a fuuton rasengan... Good god, you have gone retarded Neo, WTF happen to you... Are you on drugs?
I am guessing this means you think there is no difference between an oodama rasnegan and a rasnegan, right... Despite the more power and destruvtive force beyond a rasnegan that an oodama version has...

2). LMFAO, you saying V2 lightning armour is not Exponentially better then V1 lightning armour despite the huge power difference, Huge speed/reflexes difference and HUGE Defense difference Because if a V1 lightning armour used by the 3rd raikage can tank a FRS then imagine what a V2 lightning armour that is way bigger and more powerful can tank...

Wow is all I have to say... Such mental gymnastics are legendary... You are are surpassing your original idiocy for a V2 level... Congrats...

LMFAO, What does the lack of success of the raikage Vs MS sasuke or stopping KCM naruto with a full speed head start ahead of him plus a shushin have to do with their being two different versions??? And Raikage NEVER went V2 against madara for some reason... Kishi held him back for some reason...
Anyways, You make NO FUCKING SENSE NEO!!! What MATTERS is the FACT that V1 lighting armour offers FAR LESS power, speed/reflexes and defense then what V2 lightning armour offers, plus the altered appearance of a DOUBLE sized lightnign armour and the HAIR standing up on end to show two different version, but you do nto even think there is muc of a difference between a Rasnegan and FRS for gods sakes So I will not argue with you no more... since you are clearly not in your right mind...

LMFAO, you do realize that BIJUU level power is ONLY possessed y literally 4 people besides JINS, right... 4th Raikage A, Hashirama, Edo madara and Nagato... And yet there is nothing impressive about it Becuase you think the shikaku 1tail would be anything special when in reality, Karin read the raikage;s chakra level and as far as we know ONLY read the Bijuu the Hachibi's chakra level, thus is more likely comparing it to his then the Ichibi shikaku...
however, what does nay of this have to di with there being two different versions of lightning armour the 4th rakage can use... You keep making these false attribution fallacies and for what?

LMAO, The raikage was easily owning KCM naruto in V1 so how about that success... Easily owned C2 Juugo as well as Edo Madara without susanoo and with susanoo by using the tsuchikage's help to increase the speed of his V1, but never used V2 for some reason...

However, success and failure have nothing to do with the obviousness of there being two differnce lightning amrour versions the raikage uses....

But again, you see no real difference between a rasengan an a FRS so I should know your ability to understand difference is like that if a 5 year old, thus will not argue with you anymore...
Well great you're going to quit, because honestly all Raichu has is 1 win vs. ANYBODY, with help from Hachibi. Nothing he did altered Sasuke, Juugo, Naruto, KB, or Edo-Madara's life spans, or made ANY even lose a limb. He's basically a 1/2 win in front of Rock Lee whom never defeated anyone in his life. Great build up for a Raikage... he's been the worst Kage of all, even less than Mei... what makes him worse is he's like you KYF, he keeps talking, loudly most of the time... and has backed up absolutely shit. To be honest the Cloud Village should be paying the Sand daily for Gaara saving they're Kages life vs. an official Genin. Don't have to like it, it's called FAKT... You can make it better KYF, simply say Sasuke was a genius, or near genius, that's why Raichu had such trouble with him one on one, c'mon, make my month.

Here's a list of lessor thans that has been moar effective than Raichu...

Sakura (though with help she did defeat Sasori)
Kiba (yep fucking Kiba, lol he defeated one of the Sound 4... WITHOUT HELP)
Every member of the Akatsuki
Ten Ten(whom finished Edo-Kazuku, though with an uber weapon, her chakra)
shall I continue??????

You gotta beat somebody to be somebody, at least occasionally correct? His Dad was moar uber, he held of 100's of shinobi's for days, and you say this Dude ain't a disappointment, you're deluded.

Show Me How Much You Have Evolved...(As Tian walks toward an Army he's been waiting eons for).

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