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Re: Naruto 648

this chapter feel like dinner with lots of grosse vegetables with little bit off meat for the opening.....kitchi is like mean parent who fill a plate up with brocoli and carrot flashbacks but at the start and end off each chapter he give us a small piece off meat just to keep us satified and lick our lip for more.........

chapter start very promise with susanoo curse mark but we dont get to see this in action because we get a vegetables for the majority of the chapter until the end where we get a bite off chicken............

i think hachirama going to get defeat by madara soon because i always get a suspicion when kichi show flashback for character on the sideline because it usually mean it seem like hachirama get a closure because he finally saw his dream off united shinobi forces realise and plus madara add more relevance for the storyline and beating hachi add to his hype so that another reason for hachi getting defeat........also it mean naruto have to make a step up and take the stage center if hachi die because at the moment hachi is still the boss and i can maybe see a kages vs madara rematch come up
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