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Re: One piece 722

So 20 royal families came together to build/set up a foundation that became the WG. The members of those families went to stay and live at Mariejois. The new King of Dressorosa was the Riku family. The DD family came into Dressorosa to overthrow the Riku family and taint their bloodline in the process. The DD family also are part of the Celestial Dragons. So yeah as Dag said Dofla's cockiness is due to his family's power. Why did he desert his family???? I understand he wanted to create a place where he could rule and also become the black market guru that he is.. Tricking the citizens he was able to filter out the loyal members of the former Riku court and place them under watch by turning them into toys and imprisoning them. In the ten years Dofla has become a great king in the public eye but also their appointed savior. Crazy! So what does this bit of info have to do with the drawes history?? What happened to the Dwarves royal family? 100 year gap...something big must of went down.

Funniest moments....
Ussop-" I am going to listen and wait for the right moment to run away! lol
Cavendish's surprise that the crowd loves him so after three years!
Brook- "I've already cut you!" (Simply walks away!)

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