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Re: Naruto 648

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Sasuke becoming a senjutsu user isn't what I call an ass pull power up. Though I had hoped he used SM instead of CM. I personally think Sasuke will realise his CM is not on par with SM and somehow learn to use it. That or he uses v2 CM
yeah it's not an ass pull what so ever...Kishi simply is making Juugo relevant by not having Sasuke suck up his power and fight Obito alone with Naruto. By having Juugo pump chakra into Sasuke/Susanoo it kinda gets over the whole gotta stay still to suck up Natural energy like Naruto. Orochimaru is saying Sasuke will surpass Madara...well you gotta show me more....For me personally I would of went the whole Curse mark way...that way Sasuke could have a power boost and actually go beyond that of Level 2. His physical transformation alone would of been cool compared to Susanoo getting curse mark tats. Sasuke won't be able to control NE. It took Naruto years to get to where he is with sage mode. Naruto>Sasuke at chakra control.
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