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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

speed vs strength or whatever wouldn't really matter, what does matter is skill and talent and sometimes luck point blank..goku proved it, being born as a low level saiyan...... gara has the ultimate defense and naruto head bunted him, but there was no skill and talent in that move just luck!!!! btw y everybody argues with the guy (kyf) that posts theories and research from what HE gathers and learns from himself to shoot him down every single time and if it's bullshit n stupid y waste a post on his thread? that makes ya stupid for arguing with a stupid person (no offense) from what i c he's the only one that does it (kyf)... ya dont like it post ya theories and ignore his...niggas in this forum be actin like their a collage professor and if ya r most of u have a suckie life arguing about naruto on these forums

I'll toss your baby with an explosive seal tag on it!!!

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