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Re: Naruto 648

This is another first for me.

I read the chapter earlier and had the same reaction as the rest of you, slow pace, moar flashbacks, wrong mizukage ect.

then I went back and re-read a few times. looked at the artwork which was this issues best feature. But as for the details in the story. I didn't mind the biju seperation story. Hashi didn't collect all the biju Suna had shukaku for a long time, Tobirama has always been a natural leader. damn right .. you want a biju so you gotta pay me bitches.. yes Tobirama for Best kage!!!

I didn't think that the first Kazekage was asking for too much for the land.. he should have said 20 percent and that would have gotten his offer accepted. At some point this agreement goes ahead and Sunagakure gets screwed and probably starts some shit with Iwa.. so this helped to show that the current shinobi world state wasn't all Konoha's fault.

On the second Mizukage thing. I'm sure the Mizu bodyguard either dies in battle and is replaced by Hozuki or Hozuki catches him slipping before corronation and puts a water bullet in his head and assumes the thrown and starts the bloody mist.

Sasuke uses Juugo like we all predicted and the kage finally arrive.

Now that we're 2 chaps away from 650 we should see the beginnings of some cool battles .. combination jutsu a fuckton of fodder death with a few notables mixed in. 4th raikage should die Dauiru takes over Tsunade should somehow die in Hashi's arms and Sasuke should somehow take control of a few biju by wars end. at first to slaughter them but then to take the power for himself .. since he knows whats best.

If not for my second look I would have missed these small gems
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