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Re: Naruto 648

Well having the five Kages there won't really mean squat shit.....all they can do is play defense. Their ninjutsu will be nullified against Obito. The only four that can attack are, Sasuke-Juugo, Orochimaru, Hashirama, and Naruto. With that being said, since Tsunade just got back from another death threat she won't be laying down again. Maybe Oonoki will perish to have his son take over. Though I don't believe any other Kage will die. Naruto has watched his friends die and he has personally felt that despair. I can see him going all out to prevent any other from dying. Boosting their chakra cloaks to the max. Since Minato is pretty much sitting fodder and Tobirama is fearful OBito will kill him the next time he uses FTG they won't matter next chapter. What Kishi should do is make some two man teams so there can be offense and defense in attacking Obito. Rai and Sasuke, Naruto and Oonoki, Orochimaru and Mei would be kinda badass. Idc how it happens but I want to see pairings;justu combos, awesome engagements.
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