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Re: Naruto 648

You can't make a comment on Kushina's power because we havent seen her fight. Her power must indeed be something as she was able to control Kurama with her chains.. same as Obito. The only reason she got offed during child birth was because she was weak from delivering Naruto plus the strain of Kurama escaping from her seal and Obito having her chained up. I mean thats a lot of shit.. so to Say Kushina UZUMAKI doesn't have comparable strength to a SENJU is crazy. they were meant to be on par.

Also it is unknown if the Namikaze clan has any relationship to the Senju clan. somewhere there must have been a female Senju who married a Namikaze. And to say its far fetched due to name prestige doesn't apply either.. you can't say Minato is the only prestigious Namikaze name we didn't know how big of a legend Sakumo Hatake was until it was told and didn't know anything about Butsuma or the other elder until they were revealed.

shit just look at how awesome Tobirama is with the knowledge whereas before he was Just the second Hokage brother to Hashirama.

Knowing Kishi He wont go back to Kushina to show her strength in battle but he has given plenty evidence that she was indeed on a high tier of power without her biju... if for no other reason alone than her ability to suppress such a large chakra source. Remember she had both Kuramas power in check.. thats a lotta fucking power to suppress and she did it with ease until a baby ripped her cooch.. that had to hurt
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