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Re: Feng_Shen_Ji_Chapter_65

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Yeah Grandpa's time is almost up, I think he'll pass on his power to Ah Gou, but Tian's Son with the Phoenix wings will perish at some point as well, prolly before going up against his Pops. I'm predicting those wings will be for Son, like Father by the time he fights Tian.
Oh shit i totally forgot that Ah Gou will get the wings because he will become the new god of War. High Priestess said that the phoenix will join with Ah Gou mistaking Ah Gou's prophecy for his father. Tian's son will die soon....unfortunately it won't be by his father's hand since he is not to be awaken. Only if something tremendously goes wrong will Tian wake.
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