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Re: One piece 722

So where is CC? Dofla has his heart back so he is close to getting back everything Law has taken from him. Kaido won't need to interfere if he can manage this. Though no matter what once the factory is taken down....serious shit will be hitting the fan. Law being pinned down now only spells serious trouble for the alliance group. With Smoker returning back to base who will help them? Zoro heading to help Nami and the Sunny Group but they are fine now and on their way to Green Bit to hopefully save Law...this could be where Oda repays Don's debt to Luffy and have his fleet help Nami and group out of hot water against the Navy. I would love to believe that we will actually see the final four compete in the arena but with things developing as they are..wonder if Oda will present the fatal 4 way only to have it interrupted by the rebels?
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