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Re: Naruto 648

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
He did not say that, where is that said? Kishi made nagato an Uzumaki who is a close blood relative, which happens to be the youger son of the sage, a.k.a the SENJU bloodline...
How many times do dimwits like you need the same explanation on basic genealogy? The Younger Son's lineage isn't only Senju, is Senju AND Uzumaki, and them being blood relatives means that they have a common ancestor, not that they're the same clan.

Showing that Uzumaki through nagato are actually senju... Just using a dofferent name, but is the same bloodline...Which is why they have the same abilities too..
So you don't have the same characteristics from your ape ancestors that orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees also share? The very fact they have a common ancestor that was stated by the manga to have such abilities explains their similarity while being separate clans.

Also, just because Nagato happens to be Uzumaki and Senju doesn't mean all Uzumaki are Senju, that would be a blatant fallacy of composition.

And you forgot that the Elder son of the sage=Uchiha and younger son of the sage=senju...
No, they were Ootsutsuki because Hagoromo was Ootsutsuki and there's absolutely no evidence they defected from their father's clan. The nature of the descendants does not alter the nature of the ancestors.

Not Uzumaki SO the parallel I presented is the same thing while you ignore the FACT that naruto has to be a SENJU to actually make the parallel accurate...
Except not, you're confusing the cause with the effect. The strife between brothers began with the Elder and Younger Sons, meaning the parallel spawns from that. The Senju and Uchiha simply continued the strife, but the simple fact that the Uzumaki, also descended from the Younger Son, did not participate in it already makes the parallel at clan level inaccurate. So, if you're arguing for parallel accuracy, stick with the Elder and Younger son, which Naruto already fits since he's an Uzumaki.

Which Kishi has doen through the ass pull of making Uzumaki=Senju... Just using a different name...
And your bright mind didn't even bother with Japanese nomenclature or the fact that Kishimoto named the clans differently because they're different clans.

Because your comparing real world lineage of HORSES and DONKEYS, not even people LOL,
Oh, sorry for thinking things like lineage and reproduction were unique to humans. What was I thinking, it's common knowledge that donkeys and horses simply sprout from the earth already grown up!

The reason why I used them was to make it excruciatingly clear how absurd your reasoning is.

compared to magical ninja powers gained from a tree that was passed on to the sage, tot he younger son, to create two separate clans with the same bloodline in each... How can you not realize the irrelevance of such a source of info as horses and donkeys...
Again, sorry, but I thought that, even with all the magical juju, humans in the Narutoverse still used their penises and vaginas to reproduce, thus phenomenon that affect real animal reproduction were also valid for Narutoverse humans. I mean, it's not like Kishimoto depicted a pregnant woman and a baby, am I right?

Yea, keep telling yourself that, but using a source of info like HORSE and DONKEYS Lineage to try and explain magical ninja powers
First, I am NOT trying to explain magical ninja powers, you moron, I'm explaining clan ancestry, which donkeys and horses are perfectly apt.

Second, an analogy isn't a source of info, it's a comparison for clarity's sake. So nope, your idiotic claim of false attribution is simply nonsensical in this case.

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post

I gotta side with KYF on one isntance. I don't remember where Kishi stated that Nagato was both Senju and Uzumaki, just Uzumaki. I could be wrong, but evidence will prove one way or the other.
Zetsu stated that Nagato was of Senju lineage at the end of Obito's flashback. Considering Kishimoto claimed Nagato for both clans, it's only natural that he does descend from both.
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