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Re: Naruto 648

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
Doesn't he need to make living sacrifices or some shit for edo to work?

Seems like to me Tobirama is not the type of dude to do that.
He could sacrifice enemy fodder for that. Villages are always sending ninjas at each other for various intelligence gathering or scouting missions. Capture a few of those bastards alive and lock them up for a "rainy day".

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
He does need a living sacrifice which honestly goes against Tobirama's character. Why did he even invent such a jutsu knowing it would cause so much misery. I mean using it against your foe is one thing but you are breaking morals-principles that a respected Kage would not.
I wouldn't be too sure of that. We are talking about ninjas here. Sacrificing people isn't that big of a taboo. They brutally murder each other all the time, and actually get praise for it. Minato became a legend for single handedly fighting 1000 ninjas during the last war. Danzo would straight up walk across the corpse of his own subordinates if he felt like it. Besides, Tobirama is already a verified douche. Nothing new there. He put the uchiha on a lease, and didn't even seem phased when he was told they got massacred.

Also I could never see Tobirama raising his dead brother to have him powerhouse on some fools. He has way too much respect for Hashirama though I understand your point.
I'd say it depends on the situation. If it were for selfish reasons then definitely not. Though if the Leaf village were in some serious trouble, I could see him doing it. Hashirama seems like the kind of guy that wouldn't mind. You certainly don't hear him complaining about it right now right!

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

Tobirama has never shown the ability to actually use edo tensai... Only confirmed to create it... And even if he could use edo tensai, from what we have heard about it, It would be such weak versions that they would be like genin level, thus not offer much help against people that are not at least the same strength as tobirama, thus average kage level..
If you have never seen him use it, how the fuck do you know how strong it is? I'm gonna pull a line from your playbook now and say "Oh you think your kishi huh?".

And I am sorry, but tobirama with 100 genin level edo's+himself who could not even defeat 20 fodder shinobi to live... Much less escape using the FTG...>EMS Madara still...
Again, you don't know how strong those 20 were. All the manga says is that they were an elite team, therefore NOT fodder.

As for the rest of that post, keep fapping to minato and the uchihas.

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