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Re: Gays are Natures population control

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
I was on a bus and overheard some ignoramuses saying "why do gay people exist" so I got to thinking. Men are designed to fuck.. just look at our physique.. those muscles on our obliques are to aid in hip thrusts and just look at how much sperm a guy can produce on a daily basis.

Now for those guys not in a marriage or committed relationship most men tend to have sex with numerous women and the population increases dramatically.

Now if all Men were straight there would be a dramatic upswing in the world population. so if Gay men and women were straight it would be too many humans for the planet to support life. Consumption of natural resources would be increased to the point that we would most likely become extinct after a while. so I came to the conclusion that Natural selection caused the need for homosexuals to remove a large portion of eggs and semen from the reproductive pool.
...............? Just about everything you just said is wrong on epic proportions.

1) Less than 5% of the population is considered gay/bisexual. How you think such a small number would have any significant effect on population control is simply beyond me.

2) That you think homosexuality is a side effect of natural selection is simply laughable.

3) Nature is full of cases where certain species don't face the threat of predation, due to them either being at the top of the food chains in their areas, or being non native species that disrupt the local food chain. Humans happen to be both. There is no doubt that we could eventually end up diminishing the earths resources. In that case we will simply do what every other species in our situation would do. Diminish our numbers rapidly to a fraction of their current level, and move on. Homosexuality plays NO part in the process.

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