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Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

I think its time to put a few things straight about Tobirama and Hashirama compared to Minato. I'll start with Tobirama vs Minato first.

Tobirama invented FTG and imo is more proficient in using it than Minato. They both can tag anything they touch so the only real difference is HOW they incorporate it with their jutsu. Whereas Minato uses kunai's to teleport, the 2nd uses clones and being a Senju and INVENTOR of the Kage Bushin, he can summon multiple clones at once, making his tactics far more superior than Minato's. Tobirama also has a Ftg type charge jutsu that he used to kill Izuna. Minato has NO such pure speed charging jutsu.

Tobirama invented Edo Tensei and contrary to popular opinion, it was NOT a weak or imperfect jutsu. We know this from the reaction of the revived kages who all commented that this is the infamous jutsu of the 2nd.

Obviously this means it was used in their lifetime and it was feared, henve why it became a kinjutsu. To argue that its weak simply because Oro and Kabuto perfected it as illogical.

The 2nd also has incredible sensing abilities something that is light years ahead of Minato's limited finger sensing and add to everything stated above, imo Tobirama is CLEARLY superior to Minato.

Hashirama vs Minato: lol Hashi stomps. If this is KM Minato, its rape without lube. Why, because the bijuu and their chakra are literally SLAVES to Hashirama's will, and that is KM Minato's power source. Get it! If its non KM, Minato still loses. Hashirama will struggle to touch Minato because of FTG, but he has full knowledge of it, since its his brothers technique.

Not only that, he can outlast Minato all day and he would NOT waste chakra using large scale attacks like the Buddha statute or Tree Dragon against Minato. Only the sharingan could see through his clones so good luck Minato spotting the fakes. Lol and in the unlikely event of Minato hitting Hashi with a rasengan and kunai, I'll reference Tobi (using a weak body version of Hashi) and how much damage was done to that body.

The Senju Hokages are on a different level to their peers and subsequent predecessors.
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