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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

FTG charge type jutsu? He simply moved forward using FTG......Minato basically has FTG1-FTGV2.

Yeah Tobirama was known and feared for ET...he was notorious for creating such a jutsu. He is known from Wind to Stone about this said jutsu.

Also remember due to chakra reservations people like Kakashi choose not to use Kage bushin. It depletes his reserves even faster using a clone and on top of that Minato has a big chakra pool. Obviously way below that of the first and possibly second. You forget Minato also made clones during the current war arc alongside Tobirama who seemed only able to make two clones.

Tobirama's Edo Tensei was imperfect and not as strong as Oro-Kabuto's. Kabuto brought ET to a whole new level.

No one never said it was a weak jutsu...just that Oro-Kabuto made it more efficient.

Yes it is true Tobirama has better sensing abilities than that of Minato. He actually is a sensor unlike Minato.

I am not commenting to open a debate over who will win....Hashirama is the biggest threat to Minato. As he is the only one of the brothers who can use regeneration, sage mode, both water and earth techs, and has the biggest chakra pool to date besides Juubi and Sage. IMO Hashi would win easily...but in a fight against Minato against Tobirama....who can say....
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