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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Good points. My disagreements are the following.
1. Tobirama has much more chakra than Minato based on the fact that he is a direct Senju and he created the multiple kage bushin technique. A technique that requires the user having large amounts of chakra.

2. He can create much more clomed than him. I'll look for the scan of the 2nd being ashed of himself for ONLY creating 3 or so clones.

3. The Ftg jutsu he used to kill Izuna is a jutsu Minato does NOT have or has being shown to have. Its not just him moving forward using ftg. When Minato uses ftg 1 or 2, he simply jumps from kunai to kunai, location to location. Tobirama does the same except he uses his clones etc.

Hiraishingiri from the looks of it is a CHARGING jutsu, similar to when Ay charges. Lol obviously I am NOT saying it is, whati am saying is, Minato can't do that jutsu.

No doubt Oro and Kabuto perfected it and irionically made the jutsu vulnerable due to its efficiency. I agree theirs is better according to the manga. All I'm saying is, the original wasn't shit either and it was feared and detested in its day.

Hashi and Tobi were the only two infamous Senju's. Kishi has not officially said Tobirama has more chakra than that of Minato...Both have large chakra pools. In regard to Tobirama's ftg vs Minato's...Minato is able to use "charging ftg lol". Any variation of FTG minato can use. It wasn't disclosed that that move was exclusive to Tobirama....It again is just a simple charge...why do you believe Minato needs a jutsu to move a few yards forward?

Also it is not to be assumed Tobirama uses clones for ftg..this has been his fighting style since entering the war. Minato made ftg easier to use...he perfected it so much it takes three shinobi to use it in his place. Minato and Tobirama were shown using MAX two clones within the war so far...while Hashi had four clones....What u see is what you get and neither jutsu has shown any advantage over the other.

Good men don't use such tactics or jutsu..that is why it became a forbidden jutsu. No one should raise the dead and whomever does has their morals and ideals twisted. Even Madara seemed disgusted that such a jutsu was used to revive him. Raising the dead is one thing but having to use a sacrifice is another thing. Tobirama said it clearly you made it more efficient but due to them being revived at almost full strength left the jutsu vulnerable to being broken. Tobirama's version was useful but as we have seen in Oro's and Kabuto's version the curability has grown. Tobirama's version brought victims back crippled by reduced power and control. Anyhoo just my two cents.
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