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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
You are already incorrect...
Lol so wait Minato invented Ftg, decades AFTER Tobirama used it? Lol ok bro..

FTG level 1...
1). Tobirama can only use the FTG level 1, but without Kunai to increase his range at will... Tobirama can ONLY use the FTG level 1 by directly touching someone...

There is one TINY difference between ftg 1 and 2. 1 is teleporting to a marked position and 2 is teleporting to a thrown/moving kunai. That's all! Please don't make out the difference here is something signifficant. Tobirama hasn't being shown ftging using kunai's, but to claim he couldn't do so is so illogical. If the 2nd decided to teleport to a moving kunai that is already marked, what will stop him from doing so?

2). Tobirama can only teleport 1 thing at a time while minato can teleport a whole freaking army....
What Minato did, Tobirama can do. Clearly explained in the manga, the mechanism of FTG etc etc. In the narative Minato teleports the army USING Ftg. Tobirama can do the same exact thing USING Ftg. That's the point my friend.
Funny you omitted the FACT that it was a combo jutsu involving Minato AND Naruto.

3). minato can even teleport things away with INDIRECT contact, thus do not even have to directly touch them, just touch something touching them to teleport them away...

What Minato are we talking about here, edo KM Minato or non edo Minato? If its the latter then you damn well Minato in life had NO such abilities or feats of teleporting things away without direct contact. Oh and btw, what will happen to Tobirama when he teleports him away? Lmao

4 coupled with Minato's super reflexes on par with V2 raikage to activate the FTG far quicker then tobirama can with his average reflexes..

Hold on hold on, reflexes on a par with v2 Ay?? Oh the blasphemy. Cmon man, that's NOT what the manga said or hinted. It compared Minato's reflexes to v1 Ay, not v2. You can't bring v2 into this, lol a speed so fast the sharingan couldn't see, dodging ama at close range and shit. Could base Minato and his 'super reflexes' dodge ama from that same distance WITHOUT Ftg?

So I beg you stop exgerratting Minato's reflexes, incredible as they are. Because the truth is, when v2 Ay charged at Minato, had he NOT used Ftg, Ay blitz him. Minato WITHOUT Ftg is Minato on fodder level.

Minato even with level 1 FTG which is the ONLY level of FTG that tobirama can even use, has a way higher level of skill then tobirama with it... showing hes more proficient with just Level 1 FTG...

You don't get it do you? Tobirama invented Ftg and his use of it combined with another one of his signature techniques, multi kage bushin, makes his by FAR superior than Minato and his kunai's. Don't you see it?

However, Minato also has Level 2 FTG which is minato teleporting to Moving Kunai which tobirama cannot even do...
Plus level 3 which is minato's ability to create a timer space barrier to teleport thing without even touching or tagging them... something tobirama cannot do either...

This Ftg 2 jutsu got you confused and I'm struggling to understand why. I mean on the real, why do you think the 2nd can teleport to a moving kunai marked with his formula? Honestly, why do you assume this is hard or beyond a space time user who TELEPORTS to any named location?

The space time barrier is a DEFENSIVE technique which is USELESS in this thread.

1). You have to be kidding... There is a HUGE difference which I posted up there^^ previously showing how little you know about the FTG compared to Minato's Vs tobirama's...
2). Minato can use kage bushin as well so you know very little again... and Minato can easily summon many kage bushin's at once with his beyond base naruto power level so do not even...
Wow. So now Minato can do the multi kage bushin like Tobirama (the inventor) and Naruto? And you know this because your the co author right? Obviously every shinobi can do a shadow clone. I'm talking about the multi shadow clone that the 2nd invented and ONLY him and Naruto can perform.

3). The HirashinGiri is not a pure SPEED jutsu, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
It is tobirama after having tagged izuna, using level 1 FTG then using a sword slash once he arrives to slash the enemy
And so the madness continues. Pray tell, how the hell do you know Izuna was tagged and the 2nd just ftg'd to him to kill him? Answer, from your vivid and illogical imagination. The scan shows Tobirama charging past Izuna having already slashed him with this jutsu yet you intrepret that as him being tagged and then slashed. Your descriptiom don't tally with the scans.

What manga are you reading...!?!?
One not written by yourself and your far fetched ideas.

LMAO, the 2nd CREATED the jutsu, but Orochimaru PERFECTED it, this is common knowlegde and some bas interpretation cannot change this, I am sorry... Manga concisely and clearly makes it clear...
Let me ask you a question, when Naruto perfected the rasengan, did that render the original rasengan weak and useless? Whether you admit it or not, the manga makes it blatantly clear that Oro and Kabuot perfected it BUT the original was nevertheless still a potent and feared jutsu.

And since Perfection increases the strength of the edo's, the imperfect edo's even below the ones that fought hiruzen, are freaking weak in comparison to the real shinobi, thus are like summoning genin level shinobi to fight for you which is not goign to make much of a difference...
Its all good filling in the blanks but use logic not absurdity when doing so. We have NO idea how strong the 2nd ET was and how much weak it was below Orochimaru's so what's the sense in claiming they were as weak as genins? Does that even make sense to you that the 2nd will create a forbidden jutsu that is so weak? The same 2nd who even had a endless paper bombs jutsu devised for the ET's!

Tobirama's sensing is literally the ONLY thing tobirama has beyond what minato does, but makes little difference considering the sensing is LIMITED by tobirama's average kage level reflexes to react...

You clearly think Minato is some sort of god when in reality, compared to powerhouses like the Senju Bros, he aint shit. Without FTG Minato is probably Jouuin level and gtfo with his super reflexes. He needs FTG incorporated with his reflexes or he gets knocked out time and time again. Now the 2nd is an AMAZING sensor as the manga showed and his reflexes are top tier. Nothing suggests Minato has superior reflexes to the person he COPIED.

Physical speed/reflexes of tobirama vs Minato=tobirama is no faster then his brother could is not faster then madara who could not even compete against V1 raikage, yet Minato easily able to react and physically move many times in the perceived instant it takes V2 riakage to move just a couple feet to completely own shows minato's>>Tobirama's easily...
Lmao WTF??? For the last time of saying it, Minato's reflexes was compared to V1 Ay NOT V2, why do you keep making false statements? Madara also kept up with v2 Ay, according to Ay HIMSELF so again, what are you on about?

And if you still do not believe then I refer you to V1 Juubito easily owning tobirama in one shot with his speed, yet the same level of speed attack was brushed off by Minato and his clone, While busy focusing on using his new jutsu too...
Rofl, you mean the same ONE arm Minato who was blitzed by v1 Juubito ( getting carried away with all these v1's dont you think?). Or the same Tobirama who TAGGED Juubito and did what Minato hopelessly failed to do in this whole encounter, namely, land a hit on Juubito!

Brute strength/power of tobirama vs Minato= Tobirama has no real strength/power feats while Minato's basic rasengan has destructive power beyond the oodama rasengan and sage double rasengan so I will have to give it to Minato showing power beyond base level naruto and even a sage technique compared to NO strength/power feats form Tobirama...
Sigh what are you talking about here? How is Minato's rasengan stronger than odama rasengan (said to make a moutain hollow) and SM rasengan? Minato's rasengan one and only strength feat is melting Zetsu's arm lmaoo yet suddenly that makes it stronger than odama rasengan!!
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