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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Intelligence/analyzing/tactics of tobirama vs minato=Tobirama talks big and analyzes things good, but so does minato when he is not being an emo over his former student shown against Tobito and he actually thinks moves ahead (4) against Madara/Juubi by arriving then getting rid of the juubidama, placing a sela to protect naruto, as well as throwing one to the sea to get rid of the bijuudama while at the same time placing 3 seals to place the kage for the red sun barrier...
And tactically, Tobirama has not shown anything special while minato has shown his ability to choose effective tactics to overcome the enemy like against tobito as well as the Kyuubi...
So lack of feats for tobi vs Minato's gives it to minato...
This will come as a shock to you but for the last 8 chapters or more, Minato has being next to useless in this war and more of a liability due to his weaknesses. Tobirama is the one taking charge, combining with Naruto to attack the Juubito, whilst Minato with his one arm (how truly pathetic that he's the ONLY hokage damaged) can only hope his son will make him proud. Go go Naruto is about all Minato has done for nearly 2 months now.

:Tobirama has the feats of almost dying against Kin and gin with the 2nd raikage Helping him too. Vs Minato Taking on Killer B and V2 raikage at the same time withut even trying to kill the, and still having a draw...
Two can play that game. The hokage and Raikage were AMBUSHED by Kin and Gin, a fact completley lost on you. Minato faced Ay and Kb who were NOWHERE near their peak or renowned at the time. Get it or are you going to claim they were just as powerful back then as they are now? And lol at Minato not trying to kill them. Hmmmm I guess I need my eyes tested.

: Tobirama killed Izuna, but Izuna was using NO MS jutsu while the attack looked like am Ambush during a war, not a 1 on 1 fight... So yea... Vs Minato beating full zetsu body enhanced Obito (who is easily on par with EMS madara with his kamui hax)+Kyuubi, 1 on 2, not in a war...
Really? To everyone else who read the scene it is clear it was in the midst of a war and not an ambush and Izuna got blitzed. Now your next bit just had me giggling. So the Obito who fought Minato was easily on the same level as EMS Madara! Whatever it is your smoking, send me some please cos that's some good shit bro. Minato fought the WEAKEST Tobi so far in the series who used ONLY kamui and was preoccupied maintaining control of the kyuubi. Lol Minato even admits it.

And Minato didn't fight the kyuubi. He just ftg'd from his attacks(so easy to do btw) and were it not for Kushina, Minato would have crushed by the kyuubi.

: Last but not least, tobirama died by the hands of 20 fodders.. Vs Mianto CHoosing to die by plot reasons by killing himself with the shiki fuujin when it was not needed...
Lmao at this. By the time Minato had teleported the kyuubi and the bijudama, he DIDN'T even have enough chakra to put up a barrier and the Kyuubi was about to devour him, till his wife saved him.

Minato literally had NO other way of stopping the kyuubi unless he used RDS. Now 20 Elite Bounty Hunters from a rival village as strong as Kumo becomes 20 fodder in your world but thankfully, I am not a resident there.

1). LMFAO!!! Minato at base is already too much with his speed vs even SM hashirama due to the FACT all Minato has to do is TOUCH Hashirama or throw a Kuna tag right by him with the help of kage bushin each able to move so fast you cannot even react while hashirama cannot possibly touch Minato with the ability to teleport to another country to avoid huge scale attacks if need be... Not to mention he can spread his kunai as far apart as he wants shown by his placement of seals to battle the large size of the Juubi as well as throwing one to the freaking sea while was miles upon miles away too...
It almost feels like I'm back on NF debating with noobs. If Minato tags Hashi and uses his ever so powerful rasengan lmao or a kunai, what possibly damage will it do to Hashirama when Minato did the SAME thing to Obito, and Obito easily survived it?

Throwing kunai's to the sea? Are you ok? Is Minato's arm throwing power Superman levels where he can throw a kunai miles away? And did you not even notice that Ay had counted almost all of Minato’s kunai's when they fought? Hashirama will detroy and displace all his kunai's with mokuton easily.

So that's Minato’s tactic against Hashi, run! Lol that's actually a good idea since he is so hopelessly outmatched. Hashi shits on him with chakra and endurance and does NOT need to waste any large scale jutsu against him. Minato on the other hand, has a limited amount of chakra and he can only ftg and run away for so long before he's defeated.

Thus, Minato WILL TOUCH hashirama or throw a kuna tag right by him, therefore he will be able to blitz him at will befor ehe can even react, plus the fact hashirama already PROVED he can be killed by a KUNAI despite his body automatically healing damage it receives...
Right, so Hahsi will just stand static and not even wonder why kunai's are being thrown all over the place. Lol and the one that lands right next to him, he will of course ignore it, allowing Minato to kill him with ease. Yeah seems legit..

So How does Hashirama keep from being touched or being near a Kunai tag placed or thrown coupled with hashirama not even being able to touch Minato...
Very easily actually. Minato's speed is SOLEY BASED on him tagging you. Minato is not Ay who can charge at you with frightening speed so unless Hashi allows himself to get tagged, Minato cannot touch him. As for the kunai's lmao, against a person who controlls the very ground underneath your feet and can create a forest in an instant, those kunai's are rendered useless by mokuton.

2). BM Minato would utterly OWN Hashirama!!! Especially since wood dragon is not even going to touch him to supress the chakra with FTG use coupled with Kyuubi level attacks applied with the FTG level 1,2 and 3 makes BM Minato>>Hashirama easily..
Lmao Minato is so fodder to Hashi it will be the equivalent of Mike Tyson fighting you. BM Minato is beyond weak to Mokuton and to claim he will own Hashi is simply ridiculous.

LMAO, you think a Bijuu Mode Minato applying ALL his super powered jutsu with FTG is not match for hashirama lol... Minato can create a Bijuudama, draw it into his time space barrier then throw a Kunai tag directly at hashirama to teleport the Bijuudama to hit him with an INSTANT Bijuudama which is Unavoidable, thus annihilating hashirama lol...
Rofl yeap that scenario will of course work because you have imagined so. Lets ignore the following facts.

1. Minato has NEVER done a bijudama and his control of the kyuubi is so inferior compared to his son.

2. How will he possibly create a bijudama, hold it in place THEN draw it into a space time barrier ?

3. How will the kunai reach or get close to Hashirama?

4. But above all else, what the fuck do you think Hahsi will be doing the whole time Minato is doing this?

Its all good being a fanboy etc but bloody hell this is madness. I'm a fanboy of Itachi who is leagues above Minato and will defeat him easily yet even I know Itachi loses to Hashirama.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
1). Buddha summon is hashirama freaking max to the power he lost SM after using it... And all that power/strength yet not having the speed to even touch Minato much less avoid being touched is why hashirama cannot win..
Pointless statement. Hashi used so many jutsu's before that technique AND he obviously does not need it against a weak kage like Minato. Lol or you assume he will use a statute against a space time user?

2). Minato touching the ground was able to notice one real shinobi and a bunch of kage bushin yet wood bushin are not even like kage bushin, thus Minato could easily spot the fakes and real one using his finger touch jutsu...
Lmao at you using that pathetic feat against the fodder Rock Ninja as prove that Minato can discern and see through Hashirama's mokuton clones. Kishi stated it CLEARLY that Hashirama's clones are so realistic, it takes a high calibre SHARINGAN to see through them. Yet your claiming Minato's finger sensing jutsu will identify which mokuton clones fake or real!

3). Obito that fought Minato was a DOUBLE body hashirama... It was a Zetsu body over a zetsu half body Obito which DOUBLED the durability...
Lmao. That body like ALL Zetsu's are weak and TOTALLY INFERIOR to Hashirama's body, a body so unique, its needed to boost chakra and energy. Doubled its durability my arse. Hashi's body>>>>> all the Zetsu's ever created in endurance.
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