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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Meanwhile, Hashirama could not even survive a Kunai stab lol, yet he will survive one the level of Minato's...

So in this fascinating world of yours, who is more durable, Minato or Hashirama? Minato’s stabbing power with a kunai is so weak, even after stabbing Tobi in the STOMACH, Tobi didn't even YELP. But against Hashi that will be fatal. You also dont get what that scene was about. If Hashi decides to kill himself with a kunai, and decided not to heal from the wound, he dies. However, a simple kunai stab will NOT kill a man whose healing is famed. Get the difference?

LMAO, Hashirama is on another level in POWER, but his physical speed/reflexes are average kage level... However, SPEED>Power when it comes to striking which is WHY Minato can and would beat him...

You think Minato is so great don't you? You think he has the highest reflexes when in actuality, he is fodder without ftg. Madara has incredible reflexes and the almighty sharingan and Hashi kept up with him with no problems. Minato at NO stage in his fight with Obito, get the better of him using his famed reflexes. He didn't outspeed him or bamboozle him with his reflexes. It was FTG that made him the winner.

And Tobirama has zabuza water jutsu, weak edo tensai if he can even use it as well as pathetic FTG compared to even Minato's level 1...

Tobirama is by FAR more accomplished than Minato whose only notable and ORIGINAL ability is the rasengan. His son already showed him how sub standard his rasengans are and Minato doesn't even have SM. Tobirama meanwhile invented 3 of the most feared and dangerous techniques of all time and without Minato COPYING him and using FTG, I dare say even Neji would beat him.

So much so he was killed by 20 fodder shinobi... and even one shoted by V1 Juubito... Yet he is on another level, I mean even hiruzen was not one shoted by V1 Juubito lol...

Thankfully we are at the end cos my head is starting to hurt reading some of your arguments. Remind me again which Edo hokage has one arm and has being useless and needed saving in the last 10 or so chapters...
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