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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

I lost interest the moment he said Hashirama has no durability feats. Lmao I didn't realise I was in a debate with a simpleton, more fool me. Skimming through the nonsense of a rebuttal, I see that you used and highlighted a scan where Tobirama says 'Hiraishin can only teleport one per user' and of course as you do best, read it as meaning ' I Tobirama can only teleport one at a time'. Lool the very next sentence evn makes it clear that this maxim applies to BOTH of them but your too far gone to even understand a SIMPLE statement.

At this point its pointless to continue and try and debate with you. Who knows, maybe you'll realise your talking shit and come with a better argument. Here's hoping....
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