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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
LOL, Tobirama was referring to the teleportation of the Bijuu blasts in that panel. It that same exact panel it was confirmed that minato could also only teleport 1 at a time, putting their respective FTG's on equal footing. If Minato were capable of moving multiple objects by himself simultaneously, then he would have just taken care of all 4 bijuu blasts by himself now wouldn't he.

Read the manga again. Minato only connected his chakra with Naruto. It was Naruto who had his chakra connected to everyone else. Thus when Minato used to FTG to transport Naruto, everyone else came along for the ride.

If Naruto had not been connected to everyone else via chakra, it would have been impossible to do. Thus it is clear that Minato moving multiple people with FTG alone is not possible.

You don't have the necessary information to make this claim. Last time I checked Tobirama doesn't have half a bijuu sealed inside him that would allow him to fuse together with Naruto's half like that. So you have no way of knowing that Tobirama couldn't have done the same thing if he were in that exact same situation as minato.

Keep arguing from ignorance like usual.

I think Fourth could of carried two if he had two arms...he says "I can only carry one since I can't use the markings." So if he had both arms he could of been able to ftg more than the 2nd IMO.
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