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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Actually, Tsunade only checked on him. That's why he patted Sakura on the head, for doing a good job. She is still on the background doing nurse for God knows how many chapters, but she isn't THAT useless.

Not too sure what you mean by "only" checked on him? IMO from the look of that panel and the page before as she was walking up to him he still looked in bad shape. Once Tsunade put her hand on his head his scars had healed and he seemed to have a relieved look on his face as if strength was returned to him.

She would pat Sakura for many things...

Healing the Alliance
Using the chakra seal jutsu (forehead shit) for remote healing
Summoning Katsuya
Holding her shit together in the brink of her first war
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