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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Apacolypz: Thanks for the Mangastream link, the scan is much cleaner and it shows healing lines, something that I missed from MP's. I stand corrected, it seems Sakura is that useless.

KYF: And One Piece, notorious for its really slow pace, somehow accomplished to progress the plot much more in the latest chapter than Naruto in a whole month. Please, do continue to be a shallow fanboy complaining about artwork, while the rest of us who actually care for narrative will continue to read other mangas that don't suck monkey balls like your precious Naruto and Bleach do.
No problem man, I agree it is clearer. Indeed Sakura is so useless she couldn't help Shikumaru. As soon as Kishi attempts to show Sakuras growth and her surpassing her mentor, Tsunade pops up and shits on her hopes with a simple pat on the forehead. Really sucks on Kishi's part as Sasuke and Naruto have surpassed their teachers by leagues.
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