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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Oh, look, KYF knocking someone else for not seeing things, how ironic. Forgive me for not noticing the lines in one scanlation and noticing in another, at least I'm not the idiot who asks for something that was told 3 times already.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Lol, the narrative of "lets get to the grand line"... "choper so cute"... "I'm a rubber retard named luffy"... "ahaha oh nami, spppppppppp"... gaining shipmates to make it to the grandline, using rubber tard's ability, a raindeer jekly and hyde, theif nami, cook douche, even bigger douche with a sling shot and zoro who is the ONLY decent character..

Yea, how impressive..
Don't make me laugh. One Piece already addressed issues as racism, human trafficking, war tragedies, ethnic cleansing, government corruption (that not only promotes a caste system where those on the bottom are literally treated as garbage, but also uses highly dangerous criminals that the public knows they're sponsored by the government and, worse of all, deleted an entire century out of history and will actively persecute and cull anyone with knowledge of that century), etc. The thing is that One Piece uses humor to balance out all the tragedy that affects the characters, that's why it's so goofy.

Also, if we are going to oversimplify a plot of a manga to a ridiculous extent, Naruto is about a boy who has a crush on another boy and has been chasing his ass for 3 years and, now that finally they caught up, they're fighting a guy who can't get over his dead teen crush for well over 16 years and wants to destroy the world with the aid of a zombie dude who has a crush on a guy that is known for his long, hard wood. Are you sure you got the right "stupid and gay" manga?

Before you have an hissy fit, I know very well Naruto is more than that, the point is that you are in no position to complain about something you don't read.

And naruto may be dragging recently, but it is still more entertaining then more kiddy cartoony ass pirate manga...
O'rly? You find a whole month of the character roster drooling over the main character in a true Gary Stu level to the point of halting the entire plot more entertaining than a manga where things are actually happening, secrets are being revealed and, more poignant, are fighting instead of standing rooted on the middle of fucking war? Hell, even a single chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin, which is monthly, outdoes two whole months of Naruto. I sure don't share your definition of entertaining.

And please tell me foxy the pirate is a fucking filler character...
I wish, but he isn't. One Piece does have flaws, I assure you of that, at least the fans are willing to admit that unlike you, who, even getting grumpy at this chapter, are willing to defend the manga like it was flawless.

EDIT: The next chapter will be SASUKE AND NARUTO VS OBITO, AND FINALLY... kishi said so I think the BS drawing out of naruto wank isfinally over...
Oh, you poor sap, you think that the editor's note is written by Kishimoto himself. Just grab a chair, because waiting for that to happen while standing will severely harm your legs for the next month.


When you say slow pace, are you talking like a monologue that can be stated in a couple of panels being stretched for like 70 panels (the entire chapter), or an entire chapter full of monologue?
It's not that kind of slow pacing. Oda slows down when he starts a new arc or puts a flashback for exposition sake. He really likes to go over all the details he can use, which can be interesting or tedious depending on the reader. But, I assure you of one thing, he is nowhere as repetitive as Kishimoto is, he knows when to drop the aesop without jamming it with a sledgehammer into the reader's skull and it's very rare to see him repeat any flashback or backstory, unlike Kishimoto who did Cthulhu knows how many Uchiha Massacre flashbacks and allusions to it.
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