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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Lol, the narrative of "lets get to the grand line"... "choper so cute"... "I'm a rubber retard named luffy"... "ahaha oh nami, spppppppppp"... gaining shipmates to make it to the grandline, using rubber tard's ability, a raindeer jekly and hyde, theif nami, cook douche, even bigger douche with a sling shot and zoro who is the ONLY decent character..

Yea, how impressive..

And naruto may be dragging recently, but it is still more entertaining then more kiddy cartoony ass pirate manga... And please tell me foxy the pirate is a fucking filler character...
Far more entertaining? You kidding me with that BS? Back in the day it was entertaining now it's a damn for shame of a let down just like Bleach. Dragging useless and slow. Continually repeating the same plot over same shit over. Least One Piece has a steady flow plot maybe slow but doesn't drag as if your bored out of your damn mind still keeps you entertained and wondering what'll happen next within the storyline.

And quite frankly I've read better manga then all three. Like Soul Eater, Beserk, Claymore, and as well as many others to count. Kiddy cartoony? Compared to other similar mangas out there Naruto is just as a kiddy as the rest.
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