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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
Everyone, all I gotta say is go watch "Attack on Titan". Started watching it yesterday, fucking epic. Humanity fighting against hungry human eating giants. Worth the watch.

As for this chapter. Why is it last week the tree was murder chomping everything with chakra and the alliance was useless? But this week the tree isn't murder chomping the chakra boosted, suddenly brave and war hearty alliance? Fucking hell, this is the 10th time I've read this exact same chapter in the past two months and I still don't know wtf is happening.

Oh and Shikamaru didn't die. Wow, what suspense. At least when Pain killed Kakashi and Hinata we had to worry for a few weeks.

Yeah the pace here just sucks....Kishi is just recycling bs he came up with the week before. Also people keep asking what is Madara doing ..well he is still fighting Hashirama. Kakashi......why the fuck don't you have your chakra cloak? Kishi did you forget that Katsuya stated " I thought the cloaks disappeared too but I discovered they only shrunk in size." So again why does Kakashi not have his cloak? He should be healed and out of Kamui already.
Fuck Orochimaru get in the game...bust loose....I am sick of Kishi destroying the potential laid at his feet.

Attack On Titan anime is awesome...too bad it ended with the last episode. Eren is just a mad beast off his chain.....I fucking love it! As soon as Feng comes out with it's own anime I will most likely go bat shit insane!
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