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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
50% of the characters in Feng Shen Ji would assraep every Hokage past and present, with ease. Including Speedy Kunai Gonzales, he'd be amongst the first to go... because HE believes himself to be a threat.

Oh my bad, at one point he did, until Naruto started flossing and taking chakra at will. Now he knows he's just like a legend in the WWE... lots were great during they're time, but that shit passed, and somebody was simply fucking betta. He knew when he was standing next to the Brothers of Destruction in front of Sasuke when first summoned. Both him and Hiruzen reacted like Chuunin, just saying whats I saw.
Seriously don't bring up the BOD ......I enjoy the references of WWE/Wrestling...just for old times sake...I used to be a crazy fan...when I finally got into it around 1998. Around 2008 I just couldn't stomach it any longer. Plus all the greats had already moved on. So in your analogy Kane and Undertaker are Tobirama and Hashirama lol. GREAT! So to compare I guess Minato is Ray Mysterio/Shane Helms (The Hurricane). Then we have Hurizen who is Rick Flare lol. This is actually quite entertaining....(bored A F at work lol). In regard to the panel with Hashi and Tobi unleashing their chakras....again Minato never met the this was the first time witnessing their power/potential. I will admit that Hashi took everyone by surprise..Even Tobirama comments that he shouldn't push his chakra so high. Or something along the lines. Hashi is def alone as far as levels in the room. If Tobirama is a chakra beast like his brother I will say he isn't that far ahead of Mr. Minato. Honestly I do have one question....Does anyone believe Senjutsu was mastered and perfected by a member of the Senju clan? Obviously the Sage used such techs.
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