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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Funny you cannot comprehend that the name Konoha_yellow_flash was already taken so I had to alter the spelling to make it work... People have to do it all the time... but then again, retards will use what little straws they can draw from after all...
  • Can alter his name anytime by simply asking the mods (specially when the proper name is available)
  • Still butthurt over people pointing out the poorly written name.

Yea, and the tale of scrody Mcbooger balls from south park was about healthcare reform, anitslavery, global warming as well as prolife against abortion...
Wow, you're stupid for not telling the difference between satire and a light-hearted series that does delve into darker subjects. Not only that, you're stupid for thinking satires aren't capable of addressing darker subjects.

LAMO, Kekei genkai's>>>gum gum fruit....
Personal taste, not objective.
Taijutsu>>>gay ass pirate brawls...
Ninjutsu>>>>>>gay as pirate techniques...
Seeking validation from a village that once hated him to then become their greatest protector>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I want to be the greatest pirate while continuing to eat fruit to become an even bigger FRUIT with the IQ of a wet mop...
Oh, you mean that an ambulant Gary Stu who betrayed his past self over and over again and is preaching the shit out of people when he doesn't have the first clue about how to solve his problems is better than someone who kept true to himself for more than 700 chapters while still growing as a character? I strongly disagree with that assessment.

Again, I have read and seen a good bit of it, but could not get into it... All the way up to the jackass on sky island or w/e that has the tomoe around him and shoots lightning was defetaed by luffy with a super ass pull...

So do not tell me I do not read when I have read enough...
So you pretty much gave up on one of the best (if not the best) saga of One Piece just because of plot convenience? You, who are defending a series that eats and shits plot convenience at a steady pace, specially with its main character(s)? Quite the double standards you got there, sir KYF!

Funny how that was precisely the point in OP when I truly felt all the hype around it was justified because that bell ringing had a lot more emotional impact than anything Kishimoto threw our way. Perhaps it's because I care more about the characters and their development than to be drooling over the flashy fights or buy fanservice/hype like it was the core of the plot.

LMAO, i read the new chapter this week for OP and fucking nothing happened either so WTF are you talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I'm absolutely certain you need your eyes checked. A new character is introduced, a new power revealed, the confirmation of a plot point, one of the villain's allies is defeated, an ally of the Strawhats gets out of a really tight spot and Sanji kicks the villain in the fucking face is nothing?

SO because kishi is drawing out some story for four chapters>OP is better despite it's own drawing out ALL the time you admitted to by confirming that OP's pace is nototiously really slow pace with plot...
Such a pitiful strawman. I didn't say OP is better just because Naruto has been slow these four chapters, I said that even OP didn't drag this fucking much to the point of exasperating the readers to say «shut up already!»

Oh and OP>Naruto, just sayin'. But other mangas are better than both, so please don't start with your moronic ramblings.

Foxy the fucking pirate is the most ridiculous chapter I have ever seen, WTF!! That is my smoking gun for the shit that is OP... Fee fee fee fee fee....
Two words: armadillo dick. Hypocritical douchebag.

Oh really... So the notes at the bottom has never predicted what was coming never chapter? Proof....?
Wow, you're stupid. Not only the majority of times they're vague as shit, they are added AFTER Kishimoto submits his chapter to his editors, so they can add anything they want just to hook readers and they don't even need to consult Kishimoto on it.
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