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Re: One piece 723

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I still think there is more to Buggy than we know. I won't be surprised if he does know how to get to RT, but lacks the power to get there himself or something else holds him back.
Buggy still has loads of room for potential in my eyes, I mean from what we have seen of him so far he is one lucky bastard getting a break one time after another, I'm talking about like, Saved from Impel Down ( The hardest to get out of prison ), gather such a large force from the escaped pirates, then at the WAr even though he didnt exactly fight but he still made it out alive not much can be said for others there.

He was apart of the strongest crew to sail the seas and he still held his own, yeah from the small glimpses he looked to be the comic relief character, but isnt that the position Ussop holds on the SH ? And look how awesome he has been.

I think if Buggy puts his mind to it and actually tries he really could be a tough opponent, hes crafty able to use whatever he can to fight. One thing though I've always wandered, do you think he might have Haki or would have it after the time-skip ?

Gold D Roger obviously had it, his first mate had it, Shanks has it. Doesn't need to be Conqueror Haki mind you but I think in the future he should have it.
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