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Re: Reverse situation...

Originally Posted by JEWbii View Post
You are the most "alt, hipster, emo" poster ever!

Your entire posting history is "I hate NARUTOGAY!!!" On a NARUTO FORUM!!! And "KYF is sooperhomofagz" when this muthafucka is the only contributor that ADDS to the forum!

Are you seriously 12yrs old?!?!?! Do you need your inter web likes THAT much?!?!?!
Pssh only contributor? Please you have the Mods, and many others that do a fine damn good job when they want.

Let's all realize that these are fictional characters this is fiction. Not real don't really understand how one can get damn heated over something so trivial.

So you like this you like that oh well. To each their own I don't care but let's try to argue about something else? Getting quite annoying debating and fighting over the same shit constantly.
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