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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Well its like this Kyf, the debate becomes silly when one debater, that's you, keeps talking absolutely shit. Over and over again. Examples of you talking shit.

1. Hashirama has NO durability feats and 2 Zetsu's overlaying are more durable than Hashi Smhh, I mean, what's wrong with you? Honestly bro, why would you say something as stupid as this? Why? So Hashirama and all we KNOW about his body, cells, regen, Zetsu, chakra levels etc counts for nothing because the scans of Hashi tanking attacks are not available? This in a nutshell, is your brain dead argument.

So using this clown logic of yours, I can argue Shisui has no feats of using the sharingan, let alone koto. Because there aren't any scans of him using it are they? There are no scans of the SO6P using rinnegan techniques, so I guess I can argue Nagato, Obito and Madara ate superior using the rinnegan than the Sage. Yeah, that's how silly you sound when you claim Hashirama has no durability feats. Lol and you call me Mr. Gummp yet even Forest wouldn't say something as silly as you've being doing on this thread

2. Your hatred of Tobirama: lol its truly pathetic that a fictional character is the object of your hatred simply because he has being shown to be the PREDECESSOR of your beloved Minato. So your reaction is to downplay all his abilities, feats etc and label him average at best.

3. Minato teleported the whole army: I mean bloody hell, the manga made it CLEAR it was a COMBO move and Naruto's chakra NOT Minato's, connecting the army, that made it possible for him to ftg them. Lol and if words weren't enough, it even drew a diagram for you but still you argue, thats a Minato feat.

@apoca: all Tobirama asked was, 'Minato can you take 2?' Yet somehow that's being translated as Minato can ftg more people than the 2nd You get me..

In terms of who has the greater chakra pool, no doubt Minato has a large chakra pool, but overall I think Tobirama is superior in this field as well. Not only did he create jutsu's that require a lot of chakra to use, but he's an original Senju. The Senju's we've seen in the manga, Hashi and Tsuande all have large chakra reserves(Hashi being on 9 tails level) and it would be inconceivable to think Tobirama has an average amount of chakra.
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